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Fragrant Summer Shrubs

201 results

201  results


A selection of summer-flowering scented shrubs. A season that invites relaxation, long evenings on the terrace, and contemplation of the garden in all its fullness, summer offers a wide range of fragrant bushes. Many roses of course: musky English roses, Damask roses, large-flowered roses, or climbing perpetual roses. Buddleias as well, whose colourful spikes with honey scent attract butterflies between June and August. Gardenia of course, an exceptional indoor plant, known to all and adored for the inimitable scent of its white flowers. Evergreen magnolias (Magnolia grandiflora) with large white flowers exhale that beautiful lemony fragrances throughout the summer. Less well-known, the Euodia danielii or Bee tree, which offers bees its fragrant nectar from late spring to the end of summer. Let's also mention Styrax or Abelia chinensis with white flowering that extends from summer to early autumn. Among the osmanthus there are also very fragrant shrubs in summer, such as the suitably named 'Osmanthus fragrans': from June to October, its small very pale yellow flowers exhale a sweet scent that diffuses several metres in the garden. This floral fragrance with fruity accents is highly sought after by perfumers.