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The Black-eyed Susans or Thunbergias are elegant climbing perennials often cultivated as annuals. They develop green triangular leaves and beautiful flowers with a black heart that constantly renew themselves. The Thunbergia alata 'Suzie' variety has colors ranging from white to orange, while the grandiflora variety,  forms blue funnels. Also known as the"Smile of Zanzibar", these plants flourish outdoors in a sheltered location. Black-eyed Susans grow best in a consistent, rich, humus-filled, well-drained soil,  in a sunny and warm or partially shaded location. If they are kept in a pot, a mixture of half potting soil and sandy garden soil serves them well. Black-eyed Susans are perfect for a veranda but can also be used on a pyramid trellis to decorate summer flowerbeds.


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