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Geum with red flowers

2 results

2  results


Our range of Avens, or Geum, with red flowers. In this category we find Geum chiloense, the Chilean Avens, and its varieties - notably 'Mrs Bradshaw' with its bright red flowers, and Geum coccineum 'Red Wings' with double flowers. But also the hybrids of the 'Tempest' series, such as 'Scarlet Tempest', perpetual and exceptionally floriferous, with semi-double flowers, very vivid, ranging from pale scarlet to peachy red. The cup-shaped flowers can be single or double depending on the varieties and the flowering can be in spring or summer, and more or less prolonged depending on the cultivars. Hardy and trouble-free perennials, Avens are making their way back into our gardens, in the sun, in moist, well-drained and fertile soil.


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