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Winter flowering Clematis

14 results

14  results


Among the winter-flowering climbers, clematis such as Clematis cirrhosa and its varieties 'Freckles', 'Winter Parasol' or 'Wisley Cream', are less well-known than summer or spring-flowering clematis. Sometimes subtly scented, and evergreen in winter, these beautiful evergreen climbers are precious for adding a touch of cheer to the garden during the shortest days of the year. Like Clematis armandii, they are generally less cold-resistant than others, but their cultivation presents no particular difficulty in any well-drained soil and they are not very susceptible to disease. Once established, these plants require little maintenance and do not require pruning. In the garden, they are used to cover a fence or beautify all kinds of structures, preferably installed in the sun and sheltered from the wind. Discover our many varieties!

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