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Tiarellas and Heucherellas

44 results

44  results


Cultivated first for their magnificent white or pink spike flowers, the new hybrids of Tiarelles and Heucherellas are increasingly used for the beauty of their foliage.   Tiarelles (Tiarella in Latin), which flower early in spring, have buds that are pink and open into white or pink flower spikes. The leaves, green or variegated with orange, yellow or brown depending on the variety, are smaller and more pointed than those of Heucheras. The stump is dense and some Tiarelle species (Tiarella Running Tiger in particular) are stoloniferous and colonize the soil like strawberry plants. Heucherellas are hybrids of Heuchera and Tiarella, benefiting from the magnificent and long flowering of Tiarelles and the colorful and evergreen foliage of Heucheras. These new hybrids have highly colored leaves and a long and continuous flowering period, with some even sharing the qualities of certain Tiarelles and producing graceful stolons, particularly when suspended, like the variety 'Redstone Falls'.

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