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Highly scented English Roses

52 results

52  results


The highly scented English Roses: here is a selection of roses created by David Austin that stand out for the intensity and complexity of their fragrance, which can evoke the scents of Old Roses, Tea Roses, myrrh, sometimes revealing notes of fruits, herbs, or musk, with each variety combining all these fragrances in infinite combinations. "David Austin, firmly believing that scent is half the beauty of a rose", has always aimed to restore olfactory value to modern roses. Today, famous for the diversity of their fragrances, many English Roses have been awarded for their wonderful scent in international competitions. 'Constance Spry', a historical creation by the renowned English rose breeder, with its unique flowering, is famous for its myrrh fragrance, which can also be found in 'Scepter’d Isle', for example. 'Golden Celebration', on the other hand, exudes the typical scent of a Tea Rose, while 'The Generous Gardener' is a beautiful combination of musk and myrrh. 'Lady Emma Hamilton' stands out with its intensely fruity fragrance, with notes of grape, pear, and citrus. Those nostalgic for old-fashioned roses will find in 'Gertrude Jekyll' the authentic scent of old roses, both powerful and balanced, capable of perfuming an entire section of the garden. To fully enjoy these intoxicating scents, plant your scented English roses near the house or in a high-traffic area!

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