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Giant Delphiniums

21 results

21  results


The giant delphiniums, especially the 'Pacific Giant' varieties like 'Black Knight' and 'Blue Bird', are larkspurs with spectacular flower spikes that reach over 2m (7ft) in height. The 'Black Knight' variety offers deep blue flowers that are almost black, while 'Blue Bird' charms with its shades of sky blue and white center. Other varieties from the 'Pacific Giant' series with various colours are also highly sought after. 'Galahad', with its 1.80m (6ft) stems adorned with pure white flowers, brings bright light to the garden, while 'King Arthur' displays deep violet flowers with a white center, creating a striking contrast. These varieties are known for their resistance and impressive summer flowering. Less common, the Delphinium 'Pacific Summer Skies' captivates with its pale blue and white bicolour flowers, offering a unique visual spectacle. This variety stands out for its ability to flower twice a year, under favourable climatic conditions. Pastel tone enthusiasts will also appreciate the Delphinium 'Perlmutterbaum' and its soft, almost pearly blue flowers, carried by 2m (7ft) tall stems.

Giant delphiniums thrive in full sun, in rich, well-drained soil. Regular watering, especially during dry periods, is essential. A support stake for their tall stems is indispensable. 

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