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Veronica - Speedwell

60 results

60  results


Perennial plants belonging to the scrophulariaceae family, with a bushy growth or creeping stump, Veronicas are known for their structuring flowers, in intense blue spikes, but some varieties have white, mauve, violet, and even pink flowers. These plants are rather hardy and easy to grow, Veronicas like sunny exposures and grow in all types of fresh and light soil, most of these plants don't like heavy and waterlogged soils in winter, except maybe Veronica gentianoides. In the garden, bushy species (Veronica longifolia, V. spicata) will easily find their place in wild gardens with perennial geraniums and small grasses or on the contrary in modern gardens, where their spike flowers will contrast with plants with round or tabular shapes. Creeping species (Veronica umbrosa, V. austriaca) will thrive in rockeries, on slopes, and along walls. This genus underwent a large change a few years ago because all shrubby species are now designated under the name of the genus Hebe.

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