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Gazanias are tender perennials or annuals native to South Africa in the Asteraceae family, cultivated for their vividly coloured flowers that open in the sun. Gazanias are appreciated for their long flowering period, drought resistance, and easy maintenance. They are available in a beautiful range of colours, including orange, red, yellow, and pink, and can be single or double. These relatively short plants are commonly used for borders and rockeries. Among the most commonly used species in horticulture are Gazania rigens with yellow flowers marked with a black central zone, slightly taller Gazania splendens which produces yellow, orange, or red flowers with a black central zone, Gazania linearis with white or pink flowers circled in black near the centre, and Gazania krebsiana with white flowers. There are a multitude of hybrids and improved varieties, selected for their stronger stems and neater appearance... These annuals should be planted in small groups along borders to fully appreciate them, combined with taller and monochrome plants.

Note: Please be aware, our plug plants are products intended for experienced gardeners: upon receipt, transplant and store them in sheltered areas (veranda, greenhouse, frame...) at a temperature above 14 °C (57.2°F) for a few weeks before planting them outdoors once the risk of frost has definitively passed.


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