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15  results


Lantana camara are bushy plants that reach a height of 1.50 m (5ft) and a width of 80 cm (32in). They are very floriferous and easy to maintain for your summer flower beds. Perennials in warmer regions, they are grown as annuals in other regions for their triangular, dentate, rough foliage and their magnificent flowers in rounded and brightly coloured clusters. In spring, plant lantanas in rich, deep, humus-rich and well-drained soil in a very sunny and warm position.  Growing them in pots allows you to overwinter the plants in a veranda at 10/15°C (50/59°F) and take them out after the frosts. Feed once a week with liquid fertiliser. Propagation tip: In summer, propagate the terminal shoots ,8/10cm (3/4in) long,  by inserting them into slightly moist potting compost in a bright place but without direct sunlight.


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