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3  results


The Archontophoenix are majestic Australian palm trees that are most often grown in pots to protect them from the cold in winter. They are delicate but highly ornamental plants, with a fascinating exoticism, which give a unique touch to a terrace or a conservatory. The most famous representatives of this group are the Archontophoenix alexandrae, the Alexandra palm, and A. cunninghamiana, but others merit to be discovered. All of this group originate from an Australian species and from tropical to subtropical climates; they love heat as well as ambient humidity and cool soil. These palm trees are characterised by a single, slender, tall false trunk covered with leaf scars forming decorative rings. Their lush crown is formed of large, arched palm leaves, divided into numerous dark green leaflets. The inflorescences are rather short, highly branched, and emerge from under the crown. The fruits, gathered in clusters, are often red and quite decorative.

Archontophoenix can be placed outdoors from June onwards and should be brought indoors at the first signs of cold. It can also be grown indoors throughout the year.

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