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Gazania seeds

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7  results


Gazania splendens is a tender South African plant, often cultivated as an annual in our climates. Its large flowers in multicoloured shades, displaying beautiful colour combinations, bring originality and dynamism to summer flowerbeds. Gazania, from the Asteraceae family, is a fairly low plant, reaching a maximum height of 30 cm (12in). The basal leaves form large tufts from which stems rise in an inflorescence bearing a solitary head or capitulum, which we describe as the 'flower'. Exceptional in its flowering duration, from May to October, Gazania is also an easy plant to grow in full sun and is resistant to summer drought. However it does not tolerate waterlogged soils. It should be planted in small clusters along the edges of flower beds to fully enjoy its essence, combined with taller and monochrome plants. Sow the seeds, under glass, from February to April.

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