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10  results


Loropetalum are evergreen shrubs that have become known to gardeners through Loropetalum chinense Fire Dance, the Chinese witch hazel, with purple foliage and bright pink flowers, more spectacular than the type that blooms pure white on dark green foliage. These bushes from the Hamamelidaceae family offer a beautiful flowering with petals cut into thin strips, often fragrant, in late winter or early spring. This flowering sometimes occurs in late summer or autumn, depending on the varieties and climate. The most popular varieties have purple foliage, sometimes very dark like that of Loropetalum chinense 'Pipa's Red',  with red-pink flowers. Not content with being highly ornamental, Loropetalum are also robust plants that require little maintenance, and they are perfect for small urban gardens and green balconies. While they prefer slightly acidic and moist soils, they are relatively tolerant, allowing them to be adopted in many regions. Provide them with exposure to mild sun or partial shade in hot climates and well-drained, fertile soil. In very cold regions, plant them in a sheltered location.


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