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Excellent evergreen shrubs, Photinias form beautiful privacy creating hedges that require little maintenance and bring rhythm to the seasons with their changing colors. They are very popular in our gardens, the Photinia (x) Fraseri Red Robin captivates gardeners with its wonderful foliage, which starts off as a beautiful shiny red then turns to copper before turning green in summer. The autumn shoots are even more colorful. If pruned wisely and at the right time, the Photinia will also offer an interesting flowering in fluffy clusters of slightly fragrant white-cream. Photinia serratifolia, its vigorous Chinese ancestor, is truly majestic in old gardens!  The cultivars 'Pink Marble' or 'Crunchy', whose variegated foliage is as decorative as a flowering shrub! Photinias are as hardy as they are elegant, and they tolerate pruning very well. They can be used in a large free-standing or trimmed hedge but they can also be trained into small trees by pruning the lower branches. Provide them with a soft, deep soil. Once well established, they tolerate summer drought well.

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