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8  results


The Symphorines, also known as snowberry, are suckering shrubs that bear berries with tangy colours, resembling candies. They are hardy and bushy, they develop rounded, dark green leaves and are covered in small, honey-scented pink flowers in June. These flowers give way to original ball-shaped fruits that persist throughout the winter. Be careful! Despite their enticing colours, white, like the 'White Hedge' Symphoricarpos doorenbosii or fuchsia pink, like the 'Magical Candy' Symphoricarpos doorenbosii, these berries are not edible and are highly toxic if ingested! With moderate growth, Symphorines are undemanding and easy to grow. They thrive in any well-drained garden soil, in full sun or partial shade. Pruning is not necessary. Symphorines can be used as hedges or in flower beds, and can even be grown in pots on the terrace. 

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