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Hardy Fig Trees

9 results

9  results


Growing a fig tree and harvesting figs is entirely possible in the northern half of France, Belgium, and England. Provided you choose the right varieties. The 'Brown Turkey' Fig Tree is known for its cold resistance and fragrant figs, making it one of the best varieties for cooler climates. The 'Goutte d'Or' Fig Tree, a small-sized tree, is appreciated for its golden and sweet fruits, while the 'Madeleine des deux Saisons' Fig Tree bears fruit twice a year, offering a double harvest. The cold-resistant 'Rouge de Bordeaux' Fig Tree enriches this range with its juicy figs, while the 'Noire de Bellone' Fig Tree stands out for its robustness, earliness, and productivity. The 'Blanche d'Argenteuil' fig tree is appreciated for its rapid growth and earliness, and the 'Longue d'Août' Fig Tree completes this selection beautifully with its elongated figs that extend the harvest. Discover the best varieties for cooler climates in this selection.

These fig trees thrive best in a sunny and sheltered location, in well-drained soil, to promote their growth and fruiting. 

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