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The Dianella is a vigorous perennial with rhizomes from the lily family, native to Tasmania and Australia that resembles a giant Liriope, with its 80 cm (32in) height and width for the most well-known of them, the Dianella tasmanica.

It forms large clumps of fairly wide grass-like leaves, reminiscent of iris leaves, evergreen in winter, green, bluish or even beautifully variegated in the case of 'Variegata'. In late spring or summer, panicles of small blue-violet flowers with yellow anthers emerge from the foliage, followed by blue fruits. Similar to Phormiums, Dianellas appreciate the same growing conditions. They are fairly sensitive plants, however, they can tolerate temperatures as low as -8°C (17.6°F) depending on the varieties. They tolerate sea spray and fairly dry soils well, making them suitable plants for the Atlantic coast, but also for creating beautiful pots that can be sheltered in winter in colder regions. Dianellas thrive in full sun or partial shade, in a very well-drained, light soil, rich in compost and non-calcareous.

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