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Yellow Corydalis

2 results

2  results


To bring a touch of light to the slightly shaded areas of the garden, yellow-flowered Corydales are perfect. The Corydalis lutea is prized for its delicate foliage and small, bright yellow tubular flowers. This perennial is an excellent way to brighten up slightly dark spaces. The Corydalis 'Canary Feathers' deserves a special mention. With its long, bright canary yellow tubular flowers, this variety brings a touch of brightness to any garden. Its generous flowering and compact habit make it an ideal option for small spaces or container gardens. With pale yellow to cream flowers, the Corydalis ochroleuca offers lighter foliage. It likes semi-shaded locations and can tolerate slightly drier soil. This species will be favored by gardeners looking for an undemanding plant. Discover all our varieties of yellow corydales in this selection.

The Corydalis is a perennial of rare delicacy that will adorn cool areas of the garden, as well as flower pots. This plant pairs well with hostas or ferns to create a contrasting effect.


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