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Black-leaved Asters

4 results

4  results


A selection of Asters with dark, black, bronze or purple foliage. The exceptional Aster laterifolius 'Lady in Black' has small foliage that turns true black in summer under the sun. Other varieties also have dark vegetation, for example Aster lateriflorus 'Prince', whose young bronze-purple leaves turn dark green at maturity. Also astonishing, some cultivars of the Aster laevis have very dark stems and leaves. We should also mention Aster laevis 'Calliope', a tall autumn aster that stands out for its black stems and purple foliage, or the cultivar 'Arcturus' with very dark brown stems and dark green leaves bordering on black. These plants offer a beautiful contrast between the colour of the flowers and that of the vegetation. Discover them in this selection.

All these perennials are floriferous and undemanding, they only need a sunny site and well-drained soil, moist to occasionally dry. They tolerate limestone.



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