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10  results


Pleioblastus is a dwarf or medium-sized bamboo, reaching a height of 10 cm (4in) to 3 m (10ft) depending on the species and varieties. The smaller ones (Pleioblastus pumilus, Pleioblastus viridistriatus 'Auricoma' or 'Vagans') make excellent groundcover in flower beds or undergrowth. Intensely green, variegated with gold or cream (Pleioblatus fortunei 'Variegatus'), its evergreen foliage gives structure all year round, in the garden as well as in pots on the patio. These bamboos are also characterised by thin canes and small linear leaves. They mostly have spreading rhizomes and vigorous growth, allowing them to quickly colonise the space. Pleioblastus can withstand harsh winters and adapt to many regions. While prolonged and intense winter cold can damage their foliage, they will regrow in the following spring. Tips: provide them with humus-rich, damp and well-drained soil, even though they are very tolerant of all soil conditions. They tolerate limestone and competition from neighboring plants. Avoid exposing them to freezing winds in winter. 

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