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12  results


The Aronia is a deciduous bush and a medicinal plant from the Rosaceae family, native to North America, known for its edible red or black berries, similar in appearance to blueberries. Possessing therapeutic properties, especially in the case of Aronia melanocarpa, they are also a delight for birds in our gardens during the winter. Useful for health, it is also an excellent ornamental bush, sturdy and hardy, offering beautiful autumn colours, splendid in the case of the Aronia arbutifolia Brilliant, adorned with vibrant red foliage in October. Aronias are hardy plants that don't require much soil as long as it stay moist. They display more flowers and colours during autumn when exposed to sunlight. These plants are known to spread slightly and are ideal for creating hedges, fields of plants, or flower beds. They look best when planted in groups of 3 to 6 specimens of the same variety.


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