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4  results


There are many varieties of Solanum from the 'climbing' Solanum jasminoides, to the false jasmine nightshade and the Solanum rantonnetii, to the tree gentian, to the potato. Solanums are a genus in the solanaceae family and are very diverse. In ornamental gardens, we welcome the climbing Solanum plants, which are low-maintenance plants that are sometimes more sarmentous bushes than actual climbers. Native to South America, Solanum plants boast remarkable flowering from summer until the first frost, but they are quite sensitive to cold and even the hardiest among them perish below -12°C (10.4°F). We love them for their ability to tirelessly produce bouquets of small star-shaped flowers with bright hearts, ranging in color from white to intense blue-violet, from July to October. The vines will wrap around a wire fence or trellis. The sarmentous bushes can be trained or leaned against a wall. Cultivate in full sun, in regular soil. Water and fertilizer improve flowering.

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