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Pink hardy Geranium

109 results

109  results


Discover the Perennial Geraniums with pink flowers. Despite being less well-known than the varieties with blue flowers like 'Rozanne', they are just as hardy and easy to grow, and have their own charm, allowing for beautiful combinations with their famous blue-flowered cousins. From the sanguineum geranium striatum with its salmon-pink flowers to the Oxonianum Rosenlicht Geranium with its bright pink corollas, there are many varieties whose flowers, single or double, display a wide range of pink shades, from white-pink to deep pink, and some even boardering into magenta, such as the Perennial Geranium psilostemon Red Admiral. With various shapes and foliage, from ground cover to bushy clumps, there is at least one pink perennial geranium suitable for every garden and landscape, every region, and every climate. 

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