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Cerinthe seeds

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1  result


Cerinthe, often called blue honeywort, like Cerinthe major Purpurascens, is an annual plant from the Boraginaceae family, quite unknown despite its beautiful succulent foliage, its curious flowers with metallic reflections, and its easy cultivation. Sowing its large seeds presents no difficulty, it grows without maintenance and self-seeds wherever it pleases. Its spreading or erect branches bear small heart-shaped leaves and flowers from May to SeptemberWith Cerinthe, it is the coloured bracts that envelop the small tubular flowers that are most noticed. Nectar-producing, its flowering diffuses a light honey scent that attracts many pollinating insects. Native to the Mediterranean basin, blue honeywort thrives in well-drained, uncultivated, rocky soils, in full sun. In the garden, the various species and varieties of cerinthes allow for quickly filling the spaces between perennials. Sow them in spring or autumn, in light, well-drained soil, and in a good exposure.

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