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Delphiniums doubles

14 results

14  results


Our range of double-flowered delphiniums. Like the varieties 'Highlander Bolero' and 'Pacific Blue Bird', these perennial larkspurs charm with the beauty of their summer flowering. 'Highlander Bolero' seduces with its double and fringed flowers in shades of mauve and cream, majestic. 'Blue Bird' offers flowers of a very vivid blue, illuminated by a white heart. In the pastel register, Delphinium 'Pacific Cameliard' stands out with its delicate lilac flowers. The variety 'Galahad', with its double flowers of pure white, brings a touch of serenity to the garden. More daring, the larkspur 'Astolat' offers pink flowers with subtle shades of lavender, in a delightful harmony of colours. The variety 'King Arthur' fascinates with its tall stems and intensely violet-blue flowers, which inevitably attract attention. Rarer, extremely refined, Delphinium 'Crystal Delight' offers something truly new, with its very double flowers with petals of crystalline blue around a tightly packed, very pale green to white heart. Discover all our double-flowered delphiniums in this selection.


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