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Delosperma jaunes

6 results

6  results


Delospermas with yellow flowers, like Delosperma 'Wheels of Wonder Golden' and 'Wheels of Wonder Limoncello', are appreciated for their abundant and sunny flowering in different shades of yellow. Delosperma 'Golden', with its golden flowers, brightens up gardens all summer long, while the 'Limoncello' variety, with its bright lemon yellow flowers edged in white, brings a touch of freshness. Other varieties, such as Delosperma 'Yellow Ice', 'Lemon Sparkle', 'Lemon Wheel', and Delosperma 'Yellow Blush', are also appreciated for their resistance and long flowering period. Each variety offers unique shades of yellow, ranging from vibrant lemon to deep gold, and is distinguished by its ability to withstand drought and beautify rockeries, pots, or borders. Rarer species, such as Delosperma deschampsii and Delosperma lineare, offer unique characteristics, such as very spreading vegetation that turns reddish bronze in winter for the former and excellent hardiness for the latter. Discover them in this selection.

These Delosperma varieties require well-drained soil and a sunny exposure. They are drought-resistant once established but appreciate moderate watering during the growth and flowering periods, especially in pots.

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