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Brooms by flower colour

28 results

28  results


Our Brooms classified by flower colour. The Cytisus is a young plant that deserves to be seen and smelled in spring or summer. Appreciated for its generous flowering, most often golden yellow in botanical species, it disappears under an avalanche of butterfly-shaped flowers. Today there are numerous hybrids and varieties that offer flowers in various shades, pastel or brighter, which are sometimes quite flamboyant. Among the most popular are Cytisus scoparius 'Lena' (orange-red and yellow), Cytisus procumbens 'Zeelandia' (pink), Cytisus 'Boskoop Ruby' (red), Cytisus praecox 'Albus' (pure white), or Cytisus Allgold (golden yellow). Discover the diversity of these shrubs.


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