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Male Kiwis

12 results

12  results


Male kiwis are essential for pollinating female varieties. 'Atlas', a male Actinidia deliciosa, is renowned for its exceptional ability to pollinate various varieties and its resistance to diseases. 'Tomuri' is another male deliciosa kiwi known for its robustness and ability to pollinate the famous 'Hayward' kiwi effectively. In Actinidia arguta, the Siberian kiwis or "kiwaï", 'Weikii' is a male variety useful for its cold resistance and abundant flowering, making it an ideal choice for our gardens. Its small flowers are also decorative. 'Matua', another male variety of Actinidia arguta, stands out for its early flowering and good compatibility with several female varieties. A male kiwi flower is recognized by its smaller and paler petals compared to female flowers, as well as its prominent stamens that produce pollen. These flowers without pistils and ovaries cannot bear fruit. These male varieties are essential for obtaining fruits, whether large hairy kiwis or smooth-skinned mini-kiwis. Discover them on these pages.

Their cultivation requires rich and well-drained soil, sunny exposure, and protection against strong winds. Regular watering and balanced fertiliser encourage healthy and vigorous growth.


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