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Yellow Kiwi

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5  results


Yellow kiwis, from the Actinidia chinensis species, are prized for their sweet and juicy flesh. Among them, 'Minkigold', 'Golden Delight', and 'Kiwi Wonder' stand out for their golden, mildly acidic, fragrant flesh. 'Minkigold' offers medium-sized fruits with tender and sweet flesh, ideally pollinated by male kiwis 'Minkimale' or 'Atlas'. 'Golden Delight', known for its large golden fruits, also requires a male pollinator such as its counterpart 'Golden Delight' male for optimal fruiting. 'Kiwi Wonder' or Red Kiwi is an original variety that produces smooth, yellow fruits with yellow flesh and a red core, with a very sweet and non-acidic flavour. This female variety can be pollinated by the male cultivar 'Tomuri'. 'Sun Gold', with its smooth skin and deliciously sweet fruits, also pairs well with the male pollinator 'Tomuri'. Let's not forget 'Chinabelle', a rare French variety with early fruiting. Discover all our varieties of yellow kiwis on these pages.

The cultivation of kiwis, whether yellow or green, needs well-drained soil, in a sunny location protected from strong winds, with regular watering and balanced fertiliser to ensure optimal growth and fruiting.



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