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Flowering hedge kit

13 results

13  results


The Flowering Hedge Kit consists of easy-to-maintain flowering bushes such as Hibiscus, Lilac, or Buddleia, with staggered flowering periods and deciduous or evergreen foliage that will bring life to the garden for a good part of the year. It is the ideal solution for easily creating a floral and colourful privacy screen, often scented, where butterflies and bees gather. Cost-effective and ready to plant, this hedge is already designed for you and saves you from spending time choosing flowering bushes that complement each other or have the same cultivation requirements. The flowering hedge requires little to no pruning to avoid compromising the blooming, and it requires minimal maintenance, making it suitable even for novice gardeners. All you have to do is plant it, preferably in autumn so that the plants have time to establish their roots, allowing them to grow more vigorously come spring. When planting, maintain a spacing of 60 cm (24in) to 1 m (3ft) between each plant, depending on the mature size of each bush.

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