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Summer flowering hedges

434 results

434  results


The summer flowering hedge reveals all its splendor under a bright sun. We have selected dozens of shrubs that flower according to varieties from June to September. Like Buddleia, Lagerstroemia, or Hibiscus, their summer flowering is generous, rich in intensity and diversity, and sometimes fragrant. Beyond its utilitarian role in defining the edge of the garden and providing a screen, the hedge that flowers in summer, during the holidays, can also accommodate some varieties with a more 'exotic' charm such as Vitex or Calycanthus floridus. Like any flowering hedge, it grows more or less freely, with only one annual pruning usually necessary after flowering to contain its growth. It can be interesting to mix in evergreen bushes that retain their foliage in winter, to prevent it from appearing too bare in the off-season. Our selection includes varieties ranging from 1m (3ft) to over 4m (13ft) in height, to create low, medium, or high hedges. You will find a wide choice to personalise your summer hedge.