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Evergreen hedges A to Z

432 results

432  results


The evergreen hedge aims to create a dense privacy screen or windbreak, which remains opaque throughout the year and provides a hiding place. We have listed from A to Z among all our evergreen bushes: those that retain their foliage in winter and those that are well-suited for hedge planting. You will find a wide selection in our range, from 1 m (3ft) in height to over 5 m (16ft) to create your hedge, whether pruned or untrimmed, tall, medium or low. It includes the classic garden favourites such as the Leyland Cypress, the Laurel, the Photinia, and the Elaeagnus, but also lesser-known shrubs such as the Osmanthus, or the Holly and the large cotoneasters, which are not necessarily considered for this purpose but will allow you to personalise your decor while promoting biodiversity in the garden.

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