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Traditional evergreen hedges

7 results

7  results


The classic evergreen hedge, sleek and elegant all year round, is monospecific, meaning it is composed of a single species or variety of fast-growing, easy-to-grow shrub that responds well to pruning, such as Thuja or Leyland cypress, and more generally, hedge conifers. It is most often a regularly pruned hedge, at the required height, with a rectangular or trapezoidal shape (wider base than top).  Pruning can be carried out with a ladder, string or template, hedge trimmers and secateurs, as this type of screen must maintain a neat appearance throughout the year. Pruning in June adds the finishing touch of beauty just before the slowing down of growth in summer, and the late September pruning ensures an elegant and 'well-ordered' appearance until spring. In our wide range, you will find the evergreen shrubs for classic hedges that best suit your taste and garden.

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