Orange flowering perennials

164 results

164  results


Perennial plants with orange flowers are among our favourites. Hardy, they bring a very joyful note to the garden every year. Energising and invigorating, they shine and play with the light to offer us their shimmering shades. In summer and autumn borders, in the sun, bet on the warm Helenium Mardi Gras and Echinacea Tangerine Dream. In borders, in partial shade, you will definitely fall for the charm of Epimedium Warleyense or Geum Coccineum Borisii.  As groundcover, and for a bit of a 'pop', why not try Delosperma Wheels of Wonder Orange? Discover our wide range and have no fear: these perennials are easy to combine, in shades or to create bold contrasts, with purple, for example!

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